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The Emma Crossbody Case by Bandolier for iPhone 8 Review

Classic is not boring at all; every woman is in need of a cross body bag always to keep their phone and cash. And who doesn’t like classic leather, beautiful cross body bag for your phone? If you an iPhone user you cannot switch to any other phone, and if we talk about iPhone 8 it is one of the really best phones among the iPhone series. It is your first concerns to protect is and not forget it somewhere, for this you need a crossbody bay to keep your iPhone 8 secure and safe.

Having a simple case for your phone with an attractive design and long-lasting material is always appealing. The case like crossbody case helps you prevent your phone from coming face to face with keys or other small items in your bag and keep it scratch free since you do not have to keep it in your pocket but hang it on your shoulder.

Emma cases make sure to provide your phone with a secure place to keep it in scratch condition. Nobody wants to keep searching their phones when ringing in their massive purse, Emma provides you with the crossbody case to keep your phone separate from the rest of the stuff and keep your cash and phone handy whenever you decide to go for a walk or are in hurry. Everybody is worried about the wellbeing of the phone that too when it is iPhone 8, it becomes a concern.
Here is a review for the Emma Crossbody Case by Bandolier, which might help you to choose the best case for your iPhone 8, keeping in mind the high functionality and durability.


This crossbody case is retrofitted to fit in other models also which include iPhone 6 and iPhone 7. So, if you are planning to upgrade from iPhone 6 or 7 to iPhone 8 your crossbody case is also usable.

Adjusted Strap

It has an adjusted strap which can be loosened or tightened according to your need. It is an optional strap that can be adjusted up to 24” to 26” inches.


It is made of leather which not only appealing and aesthetic but also long lasting durability. A reliable cover is what everybody looks for and want to spend money on if reliability and style are what you want then this has to be your pick and it will definitely fulfil your needs.


It also comes in two colors, one is black and other is silver pink and rose, both of them very classy and gorgeous, it is picked precisely to suit your style and to match your personality. The choice of the color for anything you carry particularly the phone case proves to a style statement and the careful choice may add more elegance to your phone.

Price Point

It costs $88 and for a leather crossbody case, it is quite reasonable. This case is high in quality and high in style and keeps your phone safe and also keeps your money handy. It is highly functional.