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Speck Products Presidio Metallic Case for iPhone 8 Review

The advent of iPhones took the world by storm and entirely changed the ways of our lives. The new generation of iPhones know no hassles of the pre-smartphone era where people shuffled between their desktops, phones, cameras and various other gadgets. iPhone allowed people to carry their entire lives in one place and caused absolute convenience while giving you the ultimate luxury experience.

Apple took its game to the next level when it introduced iPhone 8 with the most durable glass and water and dust resistant qualities for an even better and more secure smartphone experience. While it encompasses expectations in performance and looks it also introduces you to more advanced features such as wireless charging which makes spending your money and replacing your old phone with the new iPhone 8 a justified decision.


While your iPhone does so much for you and keeps improving, what are you doing for it? The Presidio metallic case gives your iPhone 8 great protection with its ten-foot drop protection while enhancing its appearance.


This case has a metallic shimmering finish and also provides an impacting shock barrier that protects your phone from harm. It is also designed to be scratch resistant, saving you from worries regarding the safety of your case. The case is designed with a raised bezel screen protection to further emphasise on the safety of your gadget. All this and yet the Presidio metallic case allows you to retain the slim fit that Apple designed your iPhone to have.

To enhance the look of your phone, presidio ensures a wide variety of colours for you to pick from based on your taste and liking and yet keeping it original and unique. The options are:
• Peppermint green
• Nude gold
• Bronze copper
• Slate grey
• Tungsten grey
• Haze purple
• Delia peach/ rose gold
• Camel brown


While the case previously cost 44.95, it is now priced at 33.10 making it an extremely attractive deal. Many may find it expensive but it seems like a low price for the safety of your iPhone while complimenting the metallic body of the phone with its own metallic shimmery style.


What adds on to this creation by speck is that the case also fits iPhone 7, 6 and 6S. It comes with free shipment which relieves you from extra added costs and has a lifetime warranty. Moreover, if you are not satisfied with the case, you are free to return it within 30 days. In our opinion, it is an extremely viable and reliable choice and for anyone looking to flaunt that phone while keeping it safe, this is a great choice.