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PITAKA MagCase for iPhone XR Review

Are you ever worried about your phone facing such accidental encounters which could result in its potential fall and incur to temporary or permanent damage? If you were ever to come across me, you would be scared every moment as I am often attributed with clumsy encounters. I am not trying to terrify you, but I would honestly, in all of my seriousness, suggest you buy a cover for your phone.

With something as expensive and high-quality as the iPhone XR, I will not be recommending you any basic covers that might tone down your classy phone. I am aware of the dealings we are invested in, which is why the following cover is something you should profoundly explore in. PITAKA MagCase is bringing you a cover for your iPhone XR that is not just a basic, protective layer on your phone but is also relating to various multiple features, marking it to be the best option for all buyers out there.

Light and thin:

Fashioned according to the modern-day look, the PITAKA MagCase for your iPhone XR is light-weight and extremely thin in its profile; about 0.65mm. There is no additional bulk weighing heavily on the hands or any thick layers making the phone seem basic. It is claimed to be the lightest cover on the planet. The elegant style is available in many colors which may be preferred according to the taste of the customer.

Hands-free usage:

There are metal plates fitted in the inside of the layer, serving as a great durable car mount for your vehicles. The magnetic effect of these plates provides a strong grip for easy installation and removal. The wireless feature of the cover enhances the hands-free usage and makes it a great option who carry constant work on their hands. The product is designed to eradicate any interference of unwanted signals.


the high-quality composition of the cover consists of 100% aramid. The tech-savvy feature of the phone adds remarkably to its durability as this material is usually utilized in the production of body armor, aerospace and supercars. At the same weight, the phone is claimed to be five times stronger than ordinary metal steel.

Classy look:

The PITAKA MagCase provides a classy look while offering protection to your phone. the back is extremely scratch-resistant and is not prone towards scratches or wear and tear. The modern-day look of the sleek, black design just adds to the class of the iPhone XR and durability. The non-slippery effect of the cover enhances the personal user experience and provides a firm and stronghold over the 6 inches phone.

Cost for value:

With expensive phones, arises the need for a good quality cover for its basic protection. The PITAKA MagCase maybe slightly expensive but is of high quality and serves as your best option for the safeguard of iPhone XR. The mere classy look with its durability, reliability, beautiful design and multiple features, it adds value to its price of 49.99$. purchase your cover now for a dose of class attributed with your iPhone XR.