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JUBECO Case for iPhone XR Review

How many times have you almost dropped an iPhone and witnessed a mini heart attack? Well, how many times, after having witnessed a heart attack, have you thought of buying a cover to protect it from now on? Got you, right? Well, here is the chance for you to convert that thought into action. The chance to not only get that iPhone XR into a case that can provide protection but offer it in the best way possible.

JUBECO is just the cover for your iPhone XR. With premium quality, it is the cover that can provide the fashionable style and high-quality features to fit your high-priced iPhone XR. You cannot simply attribute your expensive phone with basic covers.

Modern-day look:

JUBECO has introduced a new, improvised and unique look to their edition of iPhone covers. These stylish wooden covers add to your personal style and serve as a great attraction in the eyes of the people. The engraved designs make the covers classy and elegant. Ranging from a diverse group of 9 unique styles, find the one that best suits your personal taste and protects your phone with style.

Light and eco-friendly:

The smooth finish of the wood is not just for the eyes. The JUBECO is light-weight and does not fall heavy on the hands. It will not be adding additional weight on the phone or the hands. With the sweet wireless charging feature, you can get accustomed to the hands-free usage structure attributed to the phone cover; a specification that is highly recommended and admired. Moreover, it is comprised of materials that are non-toxic and a healthy partner to the environment.


The woody layer with the additional extensions for the camera and the screen add to the durability of the cover. To save your phone from accidental falls and clumsy encounters, the wood coupled feature is present to offer more than just a smooth, classy layer of engraved wood. The TPU material marks the phone to be shock-resistant, protecting the iPhone XR from sudden collisions.

Value for cost:

The phone cover is available in the lowest of prices i.e. 15.80$ which may be your best option for adding high-quality protection to a phone as expensive as iPhone XR. The premium quality of the cover may save you from running potential errands for repair or purchase of a new cover in exchange. For an affordable price, you will be able to get your hands on a stylish, classy, durable, high-quality and eco-friendly cover for your iPhone XR.

Positive feedback:

The thin profile of the cover serves as an elegant characteristic to the phone without altering your use of the iPhone XR. The user experience is further enhanced due to the beauty encased within the cover. With amazing reviews from the customers and an average rating of a whopping 5 stars, you need not to be restless with periodic worry to purchase the best cover. This cover is just what you need to add to the style of your phone with class.