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Hello Nomad Leather Case for iPhone XR Review

Are you looking for a cover that may not just incorporate to the protection of your iPhone but adds quality and class to the already stylish iPhone? Do not rely on those basic covers that may be found anywhere under low prices and quality. We are offering you the reviews of phone covers that will not just be good covers, but they are as good as to be used with an iPhone.

Hello Nomad Leather Case is a hardcover that is designed for all those rough people that prefer rough choices like that of a leather encased phone, giving potential cowboy vibes with a classy style of the conventional looks in a modern way.


The hard and sturdy layer of the cover is your best choice for protection to the iPhone XR. The cover is comprised of polycarbonate material that adds to the strength of the cover. In addition to these reliable layers, there is an extensive bump for the protection of camera and the screen. In general, the safety measures applied while designing the cover was to ensure safeguard from all sides and angles; a multi0viewied protection to assure quality and durable experience with the cover.

Elegant look:

A subtle Horween leather surrounds the casing of the cover for your iPhone XR. The rugged case provides elegance to the cover which is the kind of simplicity that is best attributed to a high-quality phone. The mere sleek design, in addition to the thin profile of the cover, is an added bonus that serves well with the cover’s style and persona.

Enhance your experience:

The basic features of your iPhone shall not be interfered with or harmed in any way as the soft material of the casing, the stronghold offered by the material comprising the case, are features that make the case reliable. They will enhance your personal experience with the phone and prevent obstructions such as external signals which could result in potential damage. It is also compatible with wireless charging.

Strong and thin:

The HelloNomad Leather Case claims to carry a strength that cannot be matched or compared with. The firm grip offered by the case adds to the strength of the cover encasing your iPhone XR. What a buyer needs, is assurance that a clumsy encounter of a potential fall will not result in heavy damage. This case offers the protection of your hone even if it falls from a 6ft height. Furthermore, the thin profile of the case provides the buyer with a classy flaunting of the phone.

Cost value:

The rough, leather case is available for the buyers to purchase at a price of 44.95$. this may come off as expensive but with its high-quality features, the sleek design, the captivating leather available in the traditional brown and an amazing black shade, the durability claims, the elegant style and the provision of a sturdy profile with a strong grip, you will not regret investing in the cover. It adds to the value of the cost and to your iPhone XR simultaneously.